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Awesome t-shirt designs

Funny pictures about Awesome t-shirt designs. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome t-shirt designs. Also, Awesome t-shirt designs photos.

Most clever t-shirt designs…

Funny pictures about Most clever t-shirt designs. Oh, and cool pics about Most clever t-shirt designs. Also, Most clever t-shirt designs.

Elvis and Achmed Sukarno of Indonesia on set of "Blue Hawaii."

In this picture we see Hal Wallis, Indonesia's first President Kusno Soekarno to Elvis Presley Joan Blackman. Soekarno met Elvis in Hawaii while en route to the US to visit President John Kennedy.

Sukarno - Kennedy

Sukarno - Kennedy

BATMAN #431 (March 1989) Art by George Pratt

The official internet toilet of the most humble comics legend and globe hopping adventurer Brian Michael Bendis

Soekarno & Fidel Castro

Okay Who’s handing him that Keris? *slapped* (Even Bung Karno himself looked rather…cautious, shall I say.