Epicure Masterclass

A collection of Masterclass by Epicure dedicated for our readers to participate and experience cooking with well known Chefs around the nation
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MASTERCLASS LATIN BRUNCH FLAIR AT THE STONES HOTEL, BALI - Auli Ramadhan, executive sous chef of the Stones Hotel in Legian, shows guests at epicure Indonesia's latest masterclass how the Latinos enjoy brunch
MASTETCLASS THE GOLD MEDALIST AT TEATRO GASTROTEQUE, BALI - Chef Dedy Sutan of Pipiltin Cocoa, in collaboration with chef Mandif Warokka of Teatro Gastroteque, shows epicure indonesia's masterclass how to make gold medal winning cakes and desserts.
MASTERCLASS ITALIAN FEAST AT SHERATON KUTA HOTEL, BALI - Sheraton Kuta Bali Resort executive chef Rossano Renzelli shows that Italian food can be a healthy, everyday indulgence.
EPICURE MASTERCLASS AT YAN PALACE, HOTEL SANTIKA - Chef Thomas Han shows us how to navigate our way around a Chinese kitchen with an artfully prepared roasted duck and some fresh seafood in tow.
EPICURE CAVIAR & CHAMPAGNE MASTERCLASS, DOLCE MOOVINA - Chef William Di Nardo, culinary director for the Svarna Group, presented epicure indonesia's guests with our first caviar and champagne masterclass.
EPICURE COCKTAIL MASTERCLASS AT MAGNUM WINES, GANDARIA CITY - epicure indonesia, with a little help from Magnum Wines, Teisseire, Schott Zwiesel and Tefal, recently held its first cocktail and mocktail masterclass.
EPICURE MASTERCLASS AT SUNDARA, FOUR SEASONS BALI - Greg Bunt, executive chef at Sundara, Four Seasons Bali, demonstrates the intricate art of piscine cuisine with a selection of olive-centric dishes and lemon-fresh nods to the beautiful island of Bali.
EPICURE MASTERCLASS AT MANTRA, NUSA DUA - Allen Stevano, executive chef at Mantra Resort Nusa Dua's Rasa Restaurant recently hosted epicure indonesia's first ever masterclass on the island of Bali, during which he aimed to reveal the Art of Seafood.
EPICURE MASTERCLASS AT THE DHARMAWANGSA, SEKITEI - From the Land of the Rising Sun Japanese cuisine at its best is a feast for both the eyes and the palate. This is chef Yamaji Masaharu of Sekitei Restaurant at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta offering a festive slice of Japan, especially for you.
EPICURE MASTERCLASS AT GRAN MELIA TIEN CHAO RESTAURANT - Chef Ken Choy Chong Hung of Tien Chao restaurant in Jakarta's Gran Melia Hotel demonstrates that #Chinesecuisine, fresh seafood and simple preparations make for a love triangle made in heaven.

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MASTERCLASS AT SHANGRI-LA SATOO RESTAURANT - Chef Kuldeep of Satoo demonstrates how to cook simple Indian cuisine at home during Epicure Indonesia Masterclass
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