Eponine Herondale

Eponine Herondale

Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty -Matilda
Eponine Herondale
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Madge SHOULD have been included in the movies. She humanizes Katness and is so very important …. I’m sad she’s not in the movies. It would have been only a few scenes ….

HAHAHA, why wouldn't they be?

"Every woman in Frozen has braided hair because Disney's animators were traumatized after animating Rapunzel's and Merida's hair. XD Makes sense!

Tangled Swift OH YEAH!!! - Does this go on my Disney board or Taylor Swift board?!? Decisions!

Tangled Swift OH YEAH! - Does this go on my Disney board or Taylor Swift board? Someone pleaseee make an animated movie about Tay Tay.

I got so excited over this XD

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! The old men in the park during Enchanted are the chimney sweeps from way back when in Mary Poppins. This my friends is why Disney is so freaking awesome and magical!