keep your shalihah friends

The best way is that friends are friends with good intentions and the hurry to get something

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Hijab Cartoon, Anime Muslimah, Manga Girl, Muslim Women, Islamic Quotes, Cartoon Girls, Niqab, Hijab Fashion, Alhamdulillah

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Beautiful Mosque

Majestic of Persian Architecture: "Nasir al-Mulk Mosque" - Shiraz, Iran. Every Morning, this stunning mosque Is illuminated with all of the colors of the rainbow. (Persian: مسجد نصير الملك، شيراز، إيران) Photo by Omid Jafarnezhad


just a quick one XD really missed her so much n___n and it was quite an amazing and wonderful surprise to see her that day n_____n ooooo re. my cutie pie !

15844515_10210666325441866_4800233895745591773_o.jpg (614×1500)

15844515_10210666325441866_4800233895745591773_o.jpg (614×1500)