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a plaid napkin with a green bow on it
a scoop of ice cream sits in a tin on a table next to spoons and utensils
Peppermint Ice Cream: How to Make It
Peppermint Ice Cream Recipe: How to Make It
an old fashioned christmas card with santa and mrs claus sitting on the chair in front
Vintage Christmas Magazine Rednesday
Sally Annie Magundy: Vintage Christmas Magazine Rednesday
a painting of people walking around in the snow with a christmas tree on the sidewalk
Mad Lou Publishing
Christmas in Winchester
a christmas tree is shown on the cover of tv guide
A Very TV Guide Christmas: Holiday Season Television in the 1970s-1980s - Flashbak
an advertisement for the junior scholastic shows children playing in their house and on the roof
The Second Day of Hess-mas
a children's christmas story book with an image of toys and animals on it
The Third Day of Hess-mas
a painting of a mouse with a bowl and plant in it's hand, on top of a box
An unwelcome tradition: Santa Mouse.
An unwelcome tradition: Santa Mouse. – The Bitter Lemon
the calendar is hanging on the wall in front of the bed and window with christmas decorations