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I like the inclusion of a monthly view with highlighting the corresponding week
hermione 2.0
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Budget tracking in bullet journal
no stress zone. : 4.7.16+1:25pm // 31/100 days of productivity //...
Always my favorite page in my bullet journal. This is one layout I don't think I will ever change! For those of you who may be new to my page, this is my #gratitudelog. I write down 1 highlight of each day or 1 thing I am grateful for that day. Sometimes, it's as simple as having French Toast for dinner (03.21.16), but I love being able to look back on the month and reflect on all the blessings, big or small! Also, I am in denial that Spring Break ends tonight. SIGH. #bulletjournal #bujo ...
studypetals: “ 3.16.16+2:26pm // 16/100 days of productivity // a kind anon asked for bullet journal ideas, so here’s a list of what i’ve seen from tumblr mixed with some of my own ideas! “song of the...
bullet journal | Tumblr
Big Baby Boo. Rapunzel is thinking what to draw, to paint, to decorate something... <3
This Artist Turns Disney Princesses Into Parents — and the Results Are Perfection