Bakso 1 kg minced flank beef 200 – chicken breast 7 cloves of garlic (sliced and fried) 1 tsp fried onion 1 egg 300 gr tapioca flour salt and pepper very cold water

Mie ayam (chicken noodle Indonesian style)

Mie Ayam Jamur - Chicken & Mushroom Noodle (recipe in English)

Sate lilit khas Bali

Satay Lilit Bali - shrimp and mackerel loaded onto bamboo skewers, grilled and then served with Balinese dipping sauce. Read Recipe by rasamalaysia

BATAGOR. from West Java Fishcake and dumpling. It is traditionally made from tenggiri (wahoo) fish (consist of fried meatball, fried tofu, potatoes, cabbages, eggs, some kind of pored with peanut spicy sauce with lime). Batagor is actually an abbreviation of Bakso Tahu Goreng.

BATAGOR - Fried fishcake, tofu, potatoes, eggs served with peanut spicy sauce.

Soto ayam (indonesia chicken soup - there's like 10 different kind of herbs/ingredients for the soup alone!)

Soto ayam (indonesian chicken soup - there's like 10 different kind of herbs/ingredients for the soup alone!


Pecel (vegetables such as long bean, sprout, spinach & spicy peanut sauce)

Pempek. Makanan khas Palembang, Indonesia. Delicious..yummyumm..

pempek from palembang

Gado gado

Gado-Gado - Vegetable salad with peanut sauce dressing

Tempe & tahu

Indonesian Food - Hometown Yummy Tempe with sambel

Siomay Bandung - Recipes, Dinner Ideas, Healthy Recipes & Food Guide

Siomay Bandung,my fav food eva!

Martabak manis (terang bulan)

30 Delicious Indonesian Dishes You Need To Try: "Sweet Martabak" ("Terang Bulan")

Es campur

Es Campur, ice mixed with jack fruit, avocado, coconut, Syrup

Indonesian soto babat (beef tripe) recipe

Soto is a meat or chicken broth soup which can be made with or without coconut milk. Babat is an Indonesian word for beef tr.

Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice)

Indonesia: Cooking

Indonesia Fried Rice - Kari Kari Malaysian Fusion - Zmenu, The Most Comprehensive Menu With Photos

Bubur kacang hijau

Bubur kacang hijau