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中森明菜 Pictures + 中森明菜の画像

中森明菜 Pictures + 中森明菜の画像

How Terrible It Is To Love Something That Death Can Touch

How terrible it is to love something that death can touch - FunSubstance

Class in the past...

it's them badass kids in chicago, frank sinatra, and rad kids on the streets of jamaica that hits the spot for me :D Classy People From The Past Remind Us What "Cool" Really Means

Reflections of Youth. My patients tell me this all the time. Pls respect and care for the elderly.

Reflection - When You Look Closely At These 10 Photos, You’ll See Why They Mean So Much. This is so sweet! I often wonder the the back story of people I see.

47 Historical Pictures That Will Have You In Awe photography story historical interesting history facts

Sometimes, one simple picture can tell you more about history than any story you might read or any document you might analyze. these pictures are awesome.<< history is fucked up

Portrait de la Sainte-Vierge par Elle-même à Olive Danzé, Sœur Marie du Christ-Roi - IHS. Parousie, blog de Patrick ROBLES

As long as as individuals and states refuse to submit to the law of our Savior, there will be no hopeful prospect of a lasting peace among nations.