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Photoshop your child's art over their photo

Fun with Photoshop!!

Fun with Photoshop… It hasn’t rained here all summer in Houston Texas, so we made a photo to show our faith that it is going to RAIN soon!! Step one…take photo painting sky Step two- convert to black and white, and adjust contrast, light levels, and sharpen Step three- Paint sky and photograph 4. Now go back to your black and white image, click layer/duplicate layer/okay 5. go to the sky painting image and click select/all ……. then click edit/copy 6. now return to the blk and wht photo of…

How to....create a circle of words in Photoshop Elements

The Secret to Creating Circular Text in Photoshop Elements

By Pattie Knox Wrapping your words around or inside of a design element can pack a powerful punch when used in your digital art journaling. Unfortunately, while newer versions of Photoshop contain text on a path capability, versions prior to PSCS and all versions of Photoshop Elements are lacking this feature. There IS a way …

5 ways to make eyes pop in #Photoshop Elements via @iHeartFaces. #Photo Editing

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips | Creative Inspiration

Looking for Photography Tutorials? Find great photography tutorials and creative inspiration. Thank you for reading the I Heart Faces Photography Blog!

5 Tips for Amazing Newborn Edits in Photoshop

5 Tips for Amazing Newborn Edits in Photoshop

Inspiration for the Baby Photographer

easy steps for adding your own handwriting to photos using Photoshop Elements

Learn to add handwriting to your photos! - A Beautiful Mess

Hi guys! Remember how I told you that we're teaming up with Adobe Photoshop Elements this summer? Well,...

Photoshop Tutorial: Pink Splash Technique

Photoshop Tutorial: Pink Splash Technique

Contributor post by Kat of Zero the One I asked Kat of Zero the One (our contributor from Italy) if she would be interested in sharing her pink splash technique (in photoshop) that she has been using in her layouts from her posts with us recently. I love the summery pink lemon look, and I'm sure many of you would like to know how to do it too! It's a fairly simple process, just click on the play button to see. You can check out Kat's beautiful blog, Zero the One when you get a chance to see…

Luminosity Photoshop Actions by Paint the Moon

The Luminosity Collection - Photoshop Actions - Paint The Moon

Effortlessly turn your photos into art using Luminosity Photoshop Actions. Powerful workflow actions, vibrant artistic toning and vivid, clean color.

Create a dreamy effect in Photoshop or PSE

How to create a dreamy effect in Photoshop and PSE

Add a dreamy, ethereal look to your images in Photoshop Elements with the Gaussian Blur filter.

removing harsh sunlight lines

How to remove harsh sunlight lines in Photoshop

Photoshop Elements Tutorial: Create Layers that Reduce Haze, Pop Colors

13. Elements Tutorial: Step By Step Edit to Reduce Haze, Pop Color

Some of my awesome readers sent photos for a contest I held a while back. I've chosen a few of my favorites to show you guys a few before and after edits. The first one comes from Dani of Dani Antonucci Photography. Isn't it a stunning photo? I love the expression on the boys face, and

How to repair old scanned photos in Photoshop Elements

27. Photoshop Elements: Editing Tips for Old Scanned Photos

I came home from a family reunion this summer with a suitcase full of old photos to be scanned. So glad my aunt kept them all! Not so glad about the amount of work involved in scanning and restoring them. Here are a few tips I learned along the way. This is one of those times

the daybook: your questions answered: photography and post processing

Beautiful Blonde Fashion Story For Girls - THE DAY BOOK

Young ladies as youthful as nine portrayed their optimal lady as a 'truly' blonde who dresses provocatively to pull in men, as indicated by stunning new exploration.

Best Way to create B & W photos using Elements.

43. The Best Way to Create Black and Whites in Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements gives us at least 47 and a half ways to do any one task, and creating Black and Whites is no exception. For my black and whites, I use a Gradient Map adjustment layer to make the conversion. It's incredibly versatile. With it I can: Adjust the contrast of black to white

Elements Tutorial:  Adjust Individual Colors Easily

37. Elements Tutorial: Adjust Individual Colors Easily

A while back, I wrote a Lightroom tutorial about the fantastic Hue/Saturation/Luminance sliders and a reader asked whether the same thing was possible in Photoshop Elements. I realized that while I've written articles on adjustment layers in general, and the Levels Adjustment Layer in particular (here and here), I've never talked about PSE's Hue & Saturation

Dodging and burning secrets

More than a Vignette: The Simple Secrets of Dodging and Burning

A Guest Post by Alex Smith On the wonderful journey through the world of photography many of us have points where we stop to smell the roses for a bit. Maybe we change from shooting landscapes to portraits or delve into the miraculous details of the macro world. Either way, after a shoot we are […]

Understanding Resolution in Photography

Understanding Resolution in Photography

300pp vs 72ppi - what is the difference and what does it mean to you?