25 Prophets of Allah mentioned in the Quran

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25 Prophets of Allah mentioned in the Quran Subhanallah it is best ever poster that is enhance your knowing regard 25 prophet of Allah

More u understand Quran. The more closer u come to ALLAH

d real gift nd guidance to one'z lyf.yeppp i feel tat beauty 😍😍. Hope everyone getz it fruition 😇😇.

Such Sickness That Medicine Dont Cure

Such Sickness That Medicine Don't Cure Subhannallah.turn to Allah S.W seek guidance and the answer is there. The Holy Quran

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Subhan'Allah ***Why Muslims prefer to use Allah(SWT) over using God. Don't forget to use a capital 'A' when writing "Allah "

Uncurable Disease

UNCURABLE DISEASE “There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its remedy.