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MOLDE VESTIDO AZUL -227 (Moldes Moda por Medida)


Моделирование из "Metodo Practico de Сorte y confeccion" <<<<no idea, but i bet i could us this as an Elsa cosplay!

how to get body measurements. (inseam is from crotch to hem, outerseam is from waist to hem, height is from top of head to floor)

saree blouse measurements : When I ask you for your measurement I dont want to hear 38 26 I want to hear 16 36 34 32 26 .

Cute red dress:

neat dress - I would draft one with a waistband and gathers both above and below it

Circle Skirt Construction. Four Basic Types.

A circle skirt is pretty easy to make. It requires few pieces and basic techniques, making it a good exercise for beginners.