indonesian sate...

Indonesian Sate (Sate Babi and Sate Ayam Bumbu Kecap/Kacang) recipe - It is best to get meat with a good amount of fat in it; the fatty bits will make the sate tender and juicy.

Chinese Rice Dumpling, Zong Zi, Bakcang

Zongzi (or simply zong) (Chinese: 粽子) is a traditional Chinese food item, made of glutinous rice stuffed with different meat fillings, wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.

Soto Mie~ Indonesian Noodle Soup

it's Soto Mie. There are so many variations of "SOTO" (indonesia cuisine).

Sambal Oelek

Sambal Oelek fresh red chillies/cayenne pepper 12 shallots 4 cloves garlic 1 fresh tomato 1 ½ teaspoons brown sugar 1 tsp salt 1 teaspoon toasted shrimp paste 4 tablespoons coconut oil and cheek of lime to serve)

aigre doux: Crêpe durian / crêpes durian

The crepe batter was pretty thick. Maybe because i used canned coconut milk? I used 400 cc, thinned out to using milk. Next time will thin out using water and higher ratio of water ((said pinner))

Es teler, my favorite Indonesian dessert! If only I had fresh jackfruit

Same, Same…but Different!

Es Teler, a fruit cocktail in Indonesia. Avocado, young coconut, cincau, jackfruit and other fruits are served with coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk.

Cilok~ Chewy balls

Cilok / Aci Dicolok: steamed chewy balls made from tapioca starch--in some parts of Indonesia it is grilled. the taste is savory, and usually served with spicy peanut paste (saus kacang) and soy sauce (kecap).