Erwin Abdillah
Erwin Abdillah
Erwin Abdillah

Erwin Abdillah

enjoy good books, imaginative idea, black coffee, cookies, best friends and designing with heart

Ide lain dari Erwin

My new Design: Beda warna - satu Indonesia | Kementerian Desain Republik Indonesia

My idea for a t-shirt called: eat-sleep-Indonesia | Kementerian Desain Republik Indonesia

very first winning design country: Canada

this one is my idea for a brad too, I will sell it for: $150 or less if you really like it :)

my logo idea it can be a fashion/artshop/art gallery/studio brand I put it on for: $475

the Spa logo or any name with 's' letter would be great. it's kinda feminine one but it has a great sense of arts (inspired by baliness culture) $99.00

my logo for sale in 99designs store, a logo for modern use. $99.00 visit the page here:

website banner for an applied slide show design.. inspired from a smart phone display

my design which successfully published on the 99designs blog