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an advertisement for a children's book called doa aaar terbeas dari shir & sanet
an arabic text with two different words in it, one is written on the page
the flyer for an event with a man holding his hand to his face and looking at something
Ayat-ayat yang Harus Dibaca Saat Ruqyah - Suara Muslim
an advertisement for pintu rezeki with the words in english and thai on it
jodohsurga di BaBe
an arabic text with the words in different languages
an advertisement with the words 7 sunnah haran rasulah
three different types of women's heads with the words wanta selau lupa
Kajian Islami di BaBe
a woman wearing a hijab and smiling at the camera with an ad in front of her
an arabic text with the words do a sebelum tuur in two languages
an advertisement with arabic writing on the front and side of it, which reads do a ketika angin beritup kencang
an islamic text with the words do mehnts petnuuk in two languages
a poster with the words, hirum shalat sambi meenahan kening & kentut
Marahnya Bidadari pada Istri yang Menyakiti Suami