this is so precious when my youngest daughter was born, only a few minutes old she reached up and grabbed her daddy's finger like this

Friendship Friday: Life and Death

a Muslim boy praying toward Mecca and the black-draped cube structure called the Kaaba- which Muslims believe to be God's House--the earthly link between this world and heaven.  One Hadith (saying of the Prophet) says that as Muslims circumambulate the Kaaba God's House here below during the annual pilgrimage of Hajj, the angels are circumambulating and singing to the divine throne Kursi in heaven.

When people gather together to remember Allah (dhikr): the Angels surround them; mercy covers them; peace descends on them, and Allah remembers them among those who are with Allah. — Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم) MASHALLAH

Pada akhirnya akan menjadi masa lalu juga :)  By aksaratua

Pada akhirnya akan menjadi masa lalu juga :) By aksaratua

Cute baby

Top Muslim Baby Names

Find out the most popular Muslim baby names for your cute boy or pretty girl along with the Islamic origin and meaning.

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