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a person holding a green plastic bottle with flowers on it and an image of a teddy bear in the background
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a person holding a tray with six different colored glitters in it and a mirror behind them
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a woman is standing on a ladder and painting the wall with pink tape in her home
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a woman in yellow jacket holding a blue frisbee with caption that reads campana june tus tarrias
a brown dog sitting on top of dry grass
6.4M views · 339K reactions | Los Animales también Sienten y Extrañan ❤🥺 | Los Animales también Sienten y Extrañan ❤🥺 | By La dulce Mamá Lucy | What to see this beautiful story. He's Rocky and is crying inconsolably. He was just separated from his mother, a cow who raised him from a young age. He felt that they took away the most valuable thing he had and may never see her again I want a puppy when she came into his life and together they were very happy for two years but one day he had to see how they took his mother out of his house the economic situation had worsened and they had no other choice than to sell the cow to Rocky's mother Rocky ran very fast because he had heard his mother's mugil and followed the sound until he found her but it was not enough the cow no longer the it belonged to the owners so they had to take it back to Rocky. Rocky cried day and night and got so depressed he didn't want to eat anymore. It was so sad to see the little guy like that. So family. He did his best to bring her back. And look at Rocky's reaction and he was just jumping for joy. This video teaches us that animals also feel, also miss, and also cry, I am Cano
a person is holding a rock with gold stars painted on it and a yellow marker in their hand
Piedras Pintadas EL SOL☀️ #shorts #piedras #piedraspintadas #sol #plantas #handcraft #macetas
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5.3M views · 150K reactions | Cách bà ngoại chăm con đúng cách | Cách bà ngoại chăm con đúng cách | By Ý Tưởng Sáng TạoFacebook
a woman is pouring something into a cup
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someone is holding up some small pieces of crafting paper to show how they are made
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a book with an image of a woman's face on the page and text that reads me lo aban de pasr y me parece precio
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DIY Spring Birds from toilet rolls!⁠
When all is gray and cold, colourful tweetybirds will brighten your day. ⁠
someone is holding up a graduation card with the number twenty forty four in gold on it
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