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a drawing of apples and bottles on a table
watercolour courses – Page 6 – Barry Coombs Art Workshops
an abstract photo of water with wavy lines on the surface and blue sky in the background
Water Reflection 2 by Jeannette Sheehy | Redbubble
an old brick wall that has been torn down and is being used as a background
Free Cement, Texture, Surface Background Images, Brick Wall Tile Stucco Background Photo Background PNG and Vectors
Dos texturas diferentes en un mismo plano, coexistiendo, una pared de cemento rugoso y de bajo los ladrillos al descubierto.
the painting is colorful and has flowers in it
Premium Photo | A painting of flowers in the sunlight
Premium AI Image | A painting of flowers in the sunlight
an abstract painting with many colors and shapes
Artist Creates Modern Landscapes In His Unique Abstract Style (13 Pics)
"I left school at 16 and started my art career as a stained-glass artist.. The restoration work forced me to experiment with many different styles, while the design work taught me to compose a subject around very defined slabs of glass..had a huge influence on the way I see things and probably goes some way to explaining why I paint the way I do today.” | Jason Anderson on Bored Panda
an airplane is flying in the sky with clouds around it at sunset or sunrise time
The Last Embers
an abstract painting with blue, black and white clouds
a painting with green and blue clouds in the sky
Gallery - Paintings