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some plants and books on shelves in a room
☘️🌱🌿 This Decoration #plants
a room filled with lots of plants and potted plants on the wall next to a window
Plant Shelf Ideas: 35+ Creative Ways To Display Plants
a potted plant hanging from the side of a wooden moon shaped wind chime
Moon shaped plant hanger, handmade, solid wood
The perfect complement to our moon stand. Have a view of the new moon everyday all day with this hanger. The sleek shape is the ideal frame for medium sized plants and the dark stain contrasts perfectly with a bright window. Since this hanger is open on one end it accommodates bushier plants and makes accessing plants even easier. Our hangers always make it a breeze to hang, water, and maintain plants. The open access design means you can easily take plants down and put them back, or switch them
the cover of 19 ways to display plants without a plant stand
19 Ways To Display Plants Without A Plant Stand - The Cottage Market