HOKKIEN MEE wok tossed noodles. Looks good but I've never heard of some of these ingredients...google to the rescue!?

Hokkien Mee ~ Chow Mein Noodles, I'm going to simplify this recipe and just add shrimp!

Onde-Onde Goreng • Indonesian food sweet

Onde - onde is a kind of pastry snacks are popular in Indonesia . This cake is so famous in the area known as the city of Mojo.

Labu Siam Tumis – Chayote in Spicy Coconut Milk

There is a really common nasi bungkus (wrapped rice) in Indonesia called nasi rames which is basically steamed white rice + labu siam tumis + meat/egg of your choice. Of course the one with egg is cheaper than the one with meat (usually chicken).

Resep Masakan Terbaru: Resep Bakso Goreng Enak Special

BAKSO GORENG AYAM TERASI by Sofie Purbojo. Chicken can be replaced with pork or fish, mackerel according to taste. Modification of shrimp paste and chili minced my own idea that local flavor stronger.