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mini funnel cakes.

Mini Funnel Cakes Makes about diameter cakes (will vary depending on how much batter used in each cake) Dry ingredients 1 cups AP Flour 1 tsp baking powder tsp salt cup powdered sugar Wet ingredients 1 cup milk tsp lemon zest tsp vanilla extract 1 egg

Bacon and Egg Crescent Squares---MUST TRY

Bacon & Egg Crescent Squares Recipe - from Tablespoon! _ Break the breakfast blues with this awesomely fun & deliciously simple recipe! It's a super great combo made even better with this simple little twist in these Bacon & Egg Crescent Squares!

She couldn't believe what was on the screen.  She glanced once more at the digital camera before scanning the crowd.

ヒョジュ撮影旅行@オーストラリア : Love your life☆ Love your dream☆ with Hyojoo☆

Mini Corn Dogs

Learn how to make these super cute and adorable mini corn dogs. They’re yummy and delicious and fun to make. be nice to make corn dogs with good quality hot dogs inside!