Gabion Walls - @only1platinum and @jallisonsm  - might be a good way to make use of the gazillion rocks we will uncover on the farm. There are several designs that are pretty nice.

Gabion Walls - What They Are And How To Use Them In Your Landscape

Saunalahti School / VERSTAS Architects

Gallery of Saunalahti School / VERSTAS Architects - 10

Jean Nouvel's Cyprus tower features perforated walls filled with plants

Ateliers Jean Nouvel has built a tower block in Nicosia, Cyprus, featuring perforated walls and wide balconies that are both bestrewn with plants

brick patterns

Block A Noordstrook / Dick van Gameren architecten

Precast concrete panels with cast-in bricks on the facade of Block A Noordstrook in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Dick van Gameren Architecten


Gallery of Three Parts House / Architects EAT - 28

Image 28 of 100 from gallery of Three Parts House / Architects EAT. Photograph by Earl Carter

gabion fence

20 Amazing Gabion Ideas for Your Outdoor Area

Gabion stone wall at Maleny House in Australia. Designed by Bark Design Architects. This could be great if you left space in the top for a planter or planted right into the sides with moss, air plants, or tiny hidden sculptures.

Brick Pattern House / Alireza Mashhadmirza

Gallery of Brick Pattern House / Alireza Mashhadmirza - 5

Image 5 of 29 from gallery of Brick Pattern House / Alireza Mashhadmirza. Courtesy of Alireza Mashhadmirza

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12321339_1066523590037158_5274984684501248582_n.jpg (960×960)