Indonesian Thousand Layer Cake (spekkoek – lapis legit cake)

This is some fancy layering pattern! Indonesian Thousand Layer Cake (spekkoek – lapis legit cake)

Kueh (possible spelling variation: kuih, kway, kue) Lapis, also known as ‘kek lapis’, ‘kueh lapis legit’, ’spek koek’, ’spekkuk’, is a traditional Indonesian layered spice cake, baked with an insanely unhealthful amount of butter and egg yolks.

tedious to make but this fabulous looking, spiced indonesian Kueh Lapis cake is fantastically indulgent and purely delightful. It calls for 20 egg yolks.not for the cholesterol watchers or weight watchers.

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Red Velvet Marble Cake

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Wen's Delight: CNY Bakes 2011 - Kueh Lapis

My last attempt in making Kueh lapis was quite a successful one so I decided to include it in my CNY bakes. I have received numerous reque.

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