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Wolf's Wisdom Includes: Facing the end of one's cycle with dignity and courage, Death and rebirth, Spirit teaching, Guidance in dreams and meditati…


Oh shit, I thought this was some epic fan art. but when I realised his skin is that perfect.


Exo ~ History Mama Wolf Growl Overdose *-* the only reason imma pin this coz you can see sehun ;

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lovely winter boys giving us all sorts of looks this season. click the image to make it bigger! source: , EXO_Serendipity , plutosuho , every morning when i wake up in the forest exo have released more beautiful things for me to swoon at

*digs a deep dark hole, jumps in, covers it with dirt, spends rest of life sobbing until someone digs me up*

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lets just hope Kris Oppa does his best in his new career and the same with Lu ge


They feeling when the whole group is just a bunch of visuals *Heavily breathing* *instant death*

wolf...wolf...ahwwwoooo! ulf!  ulf!! (EXO)

Human tree in the beginning of Wolf.yep, this group has so much creativity in their work its amazing!