Sambal Wings

Sambal Wings

This baked sambal wings recipe consists of baked chicken wings that are tossed in a sambal sauce made of sambal oelek, fish sauce, garlic and rice vinegar.

Sambal Bajak

Sambal bajak is another chili relish that you can find everywhere in Indonesia. It is so popular that this chili relish is one of the few you can easily find sold in a bottle in many grocery stores. Basically, a sambal bajak is made using multiple chilies

Sambal Lado Mudo

Sambal Lado Mudo / sambal hijau padang / Green chilli sambal from Indonesia

Sambal Oelek

Sambal Oelek Recipe

A recipe for homemade Sambal Oelek, the classic chili paste used for cooking, made with a variety of ground chili peppers, vinegar and salt. It is ideal for seasoning noodle dishes and enhancing the flavors of sauces.

Nasi Uduk Betawi

I have been saving the recipe for nasi uduk for some sort of celebration, and this being my recipe (yay!) is a valid cause to celebrate, no? ♥ Nasi uduk is made from rice (especially jasmine rice) cooked in coconut milk and multitude of spices .