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How to actually enjoy spending time alone #solodateideas #selfcare #selflove #selfcaresunday

How to actually enjoy spending time alone

13 Tips For Being Charismatic That Every Grown Ass Woman Should Know

Whether it's letting your personality shine through during an interview, or impressing someone on a first date, it never hurts to turn up your charm and be more charismatic. Being the most magnetic person in a room is a pretty handy skill that can wi…

11 Surprising Things That Can Make You Feel Moodier Than usual

When a bad mood strikes, it's easy to blame it on a Monday, work, or a number of other other circumstances that typically cause crankiness. But in addition to the obvious mood-ruining events, there are a number of other surprising things that can mak…


Vision Boards 101 vi·sion board ˈvi-zhənˈbȯrd noun : a visual representation of your goals, dreams, and ideal life. : see also-“dream board” or “inspiration board” How to create a vision …

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