God can resolve it. - Spiritual Inspiration

QUOTE, Faith: 'It may look like your situation is never going to change, but in a split second God can completely resolve it.

Some of these prints are amazing. Love mixing tribal with other prints.

New Favorite designer: Stella Jean

stylegourmand: Stella Jean- modern African fashion: it's more so the skirt in the middle on the top and the green dress on the bottom that I love, also the skirt on the bottom is not too bad

Vintage coin clutch designed by Antik Batik...I've never really like clutches but this is too awesome.

Vintage coin clutch designed by Antik Batik.I've never really like clutches…

Unique Dress

JFW 2012 Day Wearable Batik By 3 Indonesian Designers For Danar Hadi - Female Daily


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