Mocha Kue Lapis

Mocha Kuih Lapis - a mocha flavoured layered cake made by meticulously grilling layer upon layers of batter.

Coconut Milk Cake (Kue Talam)

KUE TALAM (Coconut Milk Cake) // 500 ml coconut g sugar, tsp salt, 100 g rice flour, 30 g tapioca flour, pandanus paste and chocolate paste to color.

Kue cubit - Indonesia

Pinch pancake or known as Kue cubit in Indonesia. Named as such because of its tiny size and you almost need to "pinch" it to pick it up and eat it. Soft and chewy.

Cenil, Kue Putu , Kue Lupis

3 no-bake Indonesian sweet treats! Having a sponsored child in Indonesia, I had to try this recipe and it was delicious!

Resep Roti Manis Resep masakan Indonesia

Resep Roti Manis- 500 gram tepung terigu 4 butir telur (kuningnya) 200 gram mentega 20 gram ragi instan 300 gram gula pasir 60 gram susu bubuk 2 sendok teh garam 500 ml air (boleh dingin)