Coffee Plantation

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a man is taking a photo with his cell phone while another man takes a picture
Coffee farm visit
a group of people standing around a table with cups on it
Coffee cupping at coffee farm!
three people are looking at something in the water
Wash Process from up close
several people are standing around talking to each other
Closely watching coffee processing
at Dete Farm, Kintamani, Bali
coffee plants with red berries and green leaves
Arabica, Kintamani Bali
a man sitting on the ground looking at his cell phone while wearing a black hat
Natural process
coffee beans are growing on the tree
Coffee Farm visit
coffee beans are growing on the branch of a tree with leaves and water in the background
Coffee cherry
a man with tattoos on his arm is picking berries from a tree and looking at the camera
West Java Farm Visit
red berries growing on the branches of a tree
Red Coffee Cherries
a bunch of seeds are laying on the ground
Kintamani Natural Process
a person scooping seeds out of a bag
Bali Honey Process
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