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How to set up realistic glass / metal materials : Corona Renderer Helpdesk for 3ds Max plugin
Hello all, this is my first entry into what will be a series of studies on different materials, including but not limited to metals, plastics, paints, wood, refractive and SSS materials. I will continue to add to each category as I finish more examples. I do not claim that these results are scientifically accurate in look, they are only the result of personal studies and observation done outside of work, to further my own knowledge and skill. It would be great if this could help somebody…
3ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts from oguzkonya. 3ds Max                              …
Welcome to my NEW and long awaited tutorial section. First I am going to start with some VRay Tutorials.
Andrew Hickinbottom. Topology. id_fig08.jpg
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3ds MAX and VRay Tutorial: Basic daylight interior visualization for beginners – Render like a photographer » tonytextures.com
I can't really describe how incredible this is. Follow the links below. This is all computer generated; painstaking work.    Title: Classroom Scene  Name: Meny Hilsenrad  Country: Israel  Software: 3ds max, After Effects, Photoshop, VRay
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How to make grass with 3ds max and vray
Renders interiores en Sketchup con Vray, Guia rapida
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CG ARCHSET Уроки по 3ds max, vRay, Corona Render