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The MN State gem: Beautiful Lake Superior Agates - found on both north (MN) and south (WI) shores of Lake Superior. - Agates are semi precious stones so common on Lake Superior beaches no one pays much attention. #MSPdestination

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How to Recognize Rough Agate

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Agate Amethyst Geode (Blue Lace Agate.) From Brazil

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Lake Superior Agate another eye agate. Never polish agates they are worth more in the raw

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How to Find Agate Rocks

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Agate - Keywords: Protection, Strength, Harmony Agate's most noticeable properties overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming.

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Mexican crazy lace agate in Portland Oregon

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Coyamito Agate. More

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Agate Sphere, Amethyst Geode Druse

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Coyamito Agate Pseudomorph. Pseudomorph is a stone in which the original mineral has been replaced by another, but retains the original shape, colors, patterns. / Mineral Friends <3

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