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Jürgen Lingl-Rebetez
Monday - New Taste
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Magnificence Drawing


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Modern Atomic Retro White Ceramic Mod Cats Cubist Design Figurines or Wedding Cake Toppers on Etsy, $48.00

Ceramic Cats Mid Century Modern Retro Atomic Decor Animal Statue Figurines in Soft White - Made to Order

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статуэтка кошки из дерева
Alfredo Battistini - Sempre Donne
sculpture ; chat; bronze; flore de valicourt
Form is a 3D object that takes up space. if an object has good form, it is pleasing to the eye.
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Sculpture chat s'étirant
Create a modern statement with this knot sculpture cast in aluminum then antiqued to highlight the surface texture. We love this piece displayed on a surface and at a height that allows it to be viewed from all directions. The large scale makes it a focal point; treat it like a work of art.

Athos Sculpture