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Tris is not Messing Around in this Latest Allegiant Poster

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tris is the only main character death that i have cried over and i have read TFIOS THG Percy jackson and the olympians EVERYTHING

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WHAT!!!!!! I NEVER NOTICED THIS<<< I realized it right away but it still hurts

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allegiant book spoilers tris dies - Google Search

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She still didn't treat him like a kicked puppy I'm dying inside from the beauty and aweeeeee ❤️

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25 Caras de dolor y horror que todos conocemos muy bien

literally me i was even in the same position<I was partially buried in tissues and almost fainted from dehydration because I cried too much, etc

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You got to love Peter!

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This makes me laugh so much even though It's wrong because I was crying when i read the book.

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ya it felt real my soul was ripped apart and set to flames and then stomped on and then I died so no <--join the club...we're all dead, dark souls floating around, too

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[Allegiant Spoiler] i'm not crying or anything...after reading that part I thought "So do we call him Three now or what?"

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