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'Smallville's' Allison Mack cast in 'Wilfred' Season 2 as Elijah Wood's love interest

"See you in the funny pages" The most loyal friend anyone could ask for Chloe Sullivan

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The Following Just Cast This Smallville Fan-Favorite! Get Scoop on Her Role

The Following Just Casts Allison Mack Smallville Fan-Favorite "Chloe Sullivan"! Get Scoop on Her Role

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Allison Mack -- layered hair

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Looking for the official Allison Mack Twitter account? Allison Mack is now on!

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Allison Mack As 'Chloe Sullivan'.

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Basically, I love everything Allison Mack does with her hair ever.

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ACT Photo ID Checks What You Need To Know

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Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan on Smallville. I loved watching smallville.Please check out my website thanks.

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