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A normal adult human skeleton consists of 206 named bones (or 213 if each of the nine fused vertebrae of the sacrum and coccyx are counted as independent bones). The individual bones of the skeleton are connected by three types of joints, which differ in the type and amount of movement they allow. The human skeleton is divided functionally into an axial skeleton that supports the main body axis and an appendicular skeleton that supports the arms and legs.
Abdominal Anatomy   Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Full Core

Abdominal Anatomy + Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Full Core

Utthita utkatasana | anatomy yoga | Pinterest | Yoga and Anatomy
I love this! This website is packed with all the geeky mechanics of why yoga is so great for you. Created by an Orthopedic Surgeon.
yoga anatomy of full wheel ~ I love how this illustration color codes the muscles that are stretching and contracting.
trigger point referral pain pattern for the groin & thigh
I would like to know much more about the neck.. In my Iyengar Class we did NOT look over the right but the left shoulder..
#ASHVA SANCHALASANA Low lunge, left leg forward |