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Honey's reeeeeeeally addicted to selfies, isn't she?

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Mad Bomber - homies_world

Mad Bomber : Wanted in 5 states the Mad Bomber is a famous tagger. His MB mark is recognized by the hip hop and police communities in major cities across the country. He was originally from the Bronx, New York but made his way to L.A. by way of Chicago and San Francisco. Known for his bold, multi-layered, 3-D artwork in death defying locations. Skyscrapers, freight trains, subways, billboards, freeway doesn`t matter...mad bomber is looked at as a living legend among street…

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headcanon that tadashi likes to catch people off-guard and take selfies out of the blue. except with gogo. he always asks gogo. last time he didn't she got startled and he got a hard, quick elbow to the ribs and the wind knocked right out of him.

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Megabot and memories... I might make a Big Hero 6 roleplay board....maybe...if people want to join...

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tadashi | Tumblr

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Inseparable by on @deviantART Me: He's a little too...beautiful. 0_0

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hiro hamada older

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Prince Bubblegum & Marshal Lee (Adventure Time)

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