My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia) #Anime #Manga Aizawa Shouta

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Hetalia -- Iceland

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Eren Jeager // AoT

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Anime neko boy

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AKAASHI!!!!! *dies*

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Being a prince is hard work, always work, but it had its perks. Like the pretty new servants who follow me to do things for me, I like that a lot. I don't ask much, normally just talking to them or playing with them, I really hate work. One servant of mine in particular stood out to me and I think I'm crushing on them... Big no, no. Oops, better not tell dad, he'd be mad. (Be servant, either gender.)

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anime love chibi - Buscar con Google

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Rikki is 10. He's very outgoing and silly, and he loves to play. His favorite food is tuna, and he'll do anything to get it. He's very agile and loves parkour.

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