Anna Stokes great art.

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Anne Stokes ~ Dark Angel Version 2

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Midnight Messenger by Anne Stokes

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artfan …

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Crystal Ball~Ironshod on deviantART

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(Be the knight. I'm the girl. It can can be whatever you want.) I send another message to my father. The king. He was in battle and left me in charge of the kingdom. My mother died because a group of giants came and attacked. My mother died protecting me. I stand on the balcony as I see the massager owl disappear. I hear heavy footsteps come my way.

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Angel Dark - could change tattoo to wolf scratch marks and change backdrop to…

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Google Image Result for

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Anne Stokes Angels | Gothic Angel - Anne Stokes by joyce

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Anne Stokes Fairies | Winged Companions - Greeting Card by Anne Stokes - Dragon Cards ...

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