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Artist's rendition of the Earth's plasma fountain, showing oxygen, helium, and hydrogen ions that gush into space from regions near the Earth's poles. The faint yellow area shown above the north pole represents gas lost from Earth into space; the green area is the aurora borealis, where plasma energy pours back into the atmosphere

Jepang dilanda gempa berkekuatan 66 SR TOKYO ( - Gempa berkekuatan 66 Skala Richter (SR) mengguncang Jepang di wilayah bagian Timur pada Jumat (21/10/2016) sore waktu setempat. Gempa tersebut berpusat di Tottori 700 kIlometer dari Tokyo dengan kedalaman 10 kilometer. Akibat gempa tersebut sebuah rumah roboh dan juga menyebabkan bebarapa kebakaran. Belum ada peringatan adanya potensi tsunami. (fath/ from via IFTTT

Punya wajah temben. Kulit wajah kusam , keriput ga cerah. Sedih banget :'( Ada inovasi terbaru nih Face Lift 24K Ga perlu tarik benang ga perlu operasi Face Lift 24K ,merangsang sirkulasi darah kulit-wanita wajah yang memakai make-up setiap harinya dan pori-pori kulit wajah tertutup, menghalangi udara masuk / keluar dan Y-Bar juga bekerja sebagai Skin Detox, membersihkan kulit dan setelah kulit dibersihkan dari jerawat / komedo maka sirkulasi darah wajah kembali ke aktivitas normal. Alat ini…

SPACE FENCE | ... Space Surveillance System , colloquially known as the Space Fence, at

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It has been written about before, over and over again, but cannot be emphasized enough. The world of quantum physics is an eerie one, one that sheds light on the truth about our world in ways that challenge the existing framework of accepted knowledge. What we perceive as our physical material world, is really not […]

The NASA-led International Space Station (ISS) Mission Management Team has approved plans for the scheduled unberthing of the first U.S. commercial resupply mission spacecraft later this week, as the astronauts aboard the orbiting science laboratory wrapped up a fast-paced, 2,400-lb. cargo exchange.

René-Levasseur Island in Quebec, the second largest island in the world located in a lake, formed in the crater from a meteorite collision - the 4th known largest impact in the history of the world - 214 million years ago.

Photo of Mt. Vesuvius from Space Is Gorgeous, Terrifying

This was the view out the International Space Station’s cupola on Jan. 1, 2013 around 09:37 UTC, looking nearly straight down the gullet of Italy’s Mt. Vesuvius.

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Counting the twists in a helical light beam: New device could help advance future optical communications

This illustration (not to scale) simulates the process by which an incoming complex wave (optical vortex beam of light resembling a corkscrew with waves that rotate as they travel) can be identified and transmitted to a photodetector. (Credit: Image courtesy of Patrice Genevet)