My friend just called Ashton "Harry" and I got reaaly pissed.

My little whore; irwin »mature - 1.¿Qué es esto?

Ashton Irwine<<<< Who ever spelled it like this is an idiot ^^thank you for this person haha

Dear god, please tell me... How can one be so beautiful?

Ashton Irwin Imagines

[ open with mr. irwin ] i had stayed after school to grade papers. it was about when i finished and i walk out. i see you sitting outside school and i say "need a ride?

Wow just look at him. I mean just look at the perfection>>>>the perfection that is Ashton Fletcher Irwin <3

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Ashton: is the drummer in the band 5 seconds of summer. He is adorable quirky and handsome. Once he sees Zoe he can imagine his whole life with her. Hopes to have a future with her and wants her to feel loved and wants to make sure she is happy.

Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer

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Thats me in one picture. Im Ashton standing like a soldier and not smiling when someone takes a picture and then im Calum, photobombing and last but not least, Im the guy in the back on his phone