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The newest member of the @4moms family is now available on our site! Welcome, bounceRoo! Smaller in size compared to its older sibs, the bounceRoo is a vibrating bouncer that offers 9 different settings to soothe baby. Totally portable, it folds flat and weighs in at just a few pounds, which makes it one of our fave new pieces already! Available in classic grey and plush.…
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Top 5 Baby Bouncers and Jumpers. This rocker is bluetooth enabled so you can control the motion and sounds from four smart phone. It bounces up and down and swings side to side just like Mom when she is holding baby. Then you can select from five unique motions, like car ride and tree swing, and five different speeds. It has four unique sounds or you can connect to a MP3 player.
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Need some advice to help you pick the best bouncer for baby? Here are the 5 best bouncers and swings of 2016 - based on our own research + input from thousands of parents. There is no one must have bouncer. Every family is different. Use this guide to help you figure out the best bouncer for your family's needs and priorities.

Best Bouncers and Swings of 2017