Bahasa isyarat bayi

Mengajarkan Bahasa Isyarat pada Bayi (2): Mudah dan Sederhana
BAYI PUNYA BAHASA ISYARAT   Meski belum mampu bicara, Anda tetap bisa mengajak bayi berkomunikasi lewat bahasa isyarat. Selain menangis, bayi berkomunikasi menggunakan bahasa tubuh dan menggunakan kedua tangannya.
I wish I'd worked with my first more. Definitely going to use these for baby number 2
Communicate with your infant or toddler by using baby sign language: | 23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New Parents
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Baby Sign Language Chart. I have taught Bryson sign language since he was born really and it comes in handy! Please give your children a voice before they can talk! You won't regret it.
An easy guide to baby sign language with tips from a pediatric Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist.
Advantages of Teaching Your Baby Sign Language
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