And, as a band geek, this makes me crack up! If you can read this, thank your music teacher. :)

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Band Nerd Problems.

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This pun which every music student can relate to. | 23 Things Every Music Nerd Will Find Funny

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Hahaha...I totally remember joking about this with some of my band geek friends back in middle school

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Clarinet problem...And that's why my band teacher gave us ear plugs xD

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No body in band is "normal" - Life throws you curves. Being prepared is…

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Band Nerd Problems.

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made this cus a kid today told me band was lame. -_- i kicked him in the kneecap :D

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Clarinet problems--this is accurate

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Music Problems..I don't necessarily get offended, but I prefer the term 'enthusiast'

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