Safety Swivel Baby Bath Seat - great for when Claire is sitting up so I can bathe both kids at the same time

Use a laundry basket in the bath tub for the baby. It keeps the baby and the toys in a small space. The baby is less likely to slip under the water or hit head on the hard side. After bath just lift and all the toys are in the basket!

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nine: Baby must haves: The Aqua pod Perfect fit when baby girl can sit up and take baths with big Bro :)

$25 Dream Baby Deluxe Bath Seat, Pink. Just ordered this for Lily. Suction cups to bath tubs or sinks for easier bathing w/ babies-toddlers

Papillon Baby Bath Tub Ring Seat Bathtub Safety Bathing Support Chair Child Cushion Boy Girl Gift Present Designer Pillows

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Pool Noodle Laundry Basket Baby Seat - This would be nice for the bath with just thr noodles

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Duo aqua-pod, cant wait for my boys to get big enough for this, fun splash times.

baby bath seat - lets you bathe your baby and older kids at the same time/We already do this but, with the boppy seat