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Makes me think of the earrings Sam makes for Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom :P

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Homoeocerus sp.- ISN'T HE GORGEOUS!! (Looks as though he has been coloured in!!) ⭕️

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OVERSTOCK: Giant Scarab Beetles, Chalcosoma atlas or caucasus Real

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Bug inspiration --chrysolina fastuosa male Top seres coloridos Curiosidades

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insect images beetles - Google Search

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Runibia decorata hip hop instrumentals updated daily =>

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Megistomela sp. Even the girls could like this one don't ya think?

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If we keep it as a pet, we could name him Herman and he could share his bowl with the dog or the cat.

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"The Creator, if He exists, has a special preference for beetles." J. B. S. Haldane

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Scarab beetle- This beetle is also known as the Shining Leaf Chafer Beetle. It is known for it's vibrant, shiny color. While scarab beetles are common in Egyptian myths, this particular specimen is from the Southwestern United States where it is considered an agricultural pest.

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