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10 Things to do in Belfast, Ireland >> a guide for a great weekend

Beautiful Belfast: What to See in Belfast Ireland

Kelly’s Cellars | 15 Jaw-Dropping Belfast Bars That You Need To Visit

15 Jaw-Dropping Belfast Bars That You Need To Visit

Belfast Map | Anna Simmons
TITANIC memorial in Belfast
From Giant's Causeway, to the best gin bar in the world, here's a sample itinerary for what to see and do in Belfast, Ireland.
Belfast and Beyond: A Weekend in Northern Ireland - Migrating Miss

Belfast and Beyond: A Weekend in Northern Ireland

There's so much to do in Belfast, Northern Ireland! Here are 11 of the more alternative things to do.

11 Alternative Things to do in Belfast

Cool Things You Should Do in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland
My Top 12 Things to See & Do, Eat & Drink in #Belfast #NorthernIreland

Top 12 Things to See and Do, Eat and Drink in Belfast

The capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a major port city known primarily as the home base of ill-fated Titanic, who sank on her maiden voyage in 1912. The Titanic theme dominates local attractions, comprising the Titanic Belfast museum and the Titanic slipways, which is an open-air concert venue these days. Numerous street wall political paintings reflect the city's dramatic confrontation between Catholics and Protestants in the 20th century.

Walking Tours in Belfast, Ireland

Take a Black Cab tour and see the sectarian Belfast murals.They tell a visual story of the Troubles and Northern Ireland's ongoing recovery. Also check out downtown street art and other things to do in Belfast

War and Remembrance: A Black Cab Tour of the Belfast Murals

City Hall - Belfast Northern Ireland - was only there for an hour, but it still counts, right?  VK