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Mitosis vs Meiosis

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Understanding Genetics

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Chart comparing photosynthesis to respiration--this image is also a link to a pdf containing the tabel and its information

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Kreb Cycle on Jay Holser's The Great Respiratory vol. 18. Metabolism_18

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Simply put, the cell has DNA-RNA-Protein. Each very complex but work together. Which came first? What are the odds of ending up together in one cell? The body is believed to contain about 100 trillion cells. Chance? or Design? Detailed info on how the amazing design can be found at

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Plant Cell Chart - Click Image to Close

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Genetics and Heredity Vocabulary Sort

Genetics Vocab Sort - Genotype Phenotype Allele Heterozygous Homozygous Dominant Recessive Punnett Square Probability Gene Trait Heredity

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