This shows the graceful form of the Black Eagle. Verreaux's Eagle (Aquila verreauxii)

This shows the graceful form of the Black Eagle - Verreaux's Eagle (Aquila verreauxii) and endemic in Shri Lanka and India.

Black hawk-eagle // Aigle tyran (Spizaetus tyrannus) Mexique -

Death is in the air - Here, a hawk that is known in Brazil as 'Gavião-pega-macaco' (Spizaetus tyrannus)

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Verreaux's Eagle lives in hilly and mountainous regions of southern and eastern Africa.

Verreaux Eagle - a southern African eagle. Not to be confused with the Indian black eagle in Asia :)

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Birds of Prey: The Verreaux's Eagle

Black Eagle's are mainly found in Asia around Sri Lanka and India. They are all black, with a yellow bill base and yellow feet.

Verreaux's Eagle, a very striking jet-black eagle, but not as big as most big eagles -

weight World& Biggest Eagle, one of two eagles that rivals the harpy eagle in weight.but, like other fish eagles, the

Aquila verreauxii (Verreauxs' eagle, Black eagle)               Witkruisarend

Verreauxs' eagle, Black eagle of Africa (Aquila verreauxii)

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