"Blue Heron Head" - Jen Callahan Artwork - Coastal Colors™

"Blue Heron Head"

Blue Heron in Flight

Great Blue Heron sighting across the ice at sunset in Rockliffe - it flew along the golden ray - total magic - couldn't get a photo so this will do.

Great Blue Heron Printout- EnchantedLearning.

The Great Blue Heron is a majestic wading bird from North America.

Great Blue-Heron with a hitch-hiker...a male Red-Winged Blackbird on his wing.

Great Blue-Heron with a male Red-Winged Blackbird hitching a ride. **This photo is slightly different from the other that I have seen on Pintrest many times. (better view of the Red-winged Blackbird)

Great Blue Heron by fotoguy22

According to North American Native tradition, the Blue Heron brings messages of self determination & self reliance, ability to evolve & progress It's long thin legs shows you don't need massive pillars to remain stable & stay on one's own

Great Blue Heron Shore Painting  - Great Blue Heron Shore Fine Art Print

Great Blue Heron Shore Painting by James Williamson - Great Blue Heron Shore Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Learn to idenify the various species of bluebirds. Identify the differences between the Eastern Bluebird, the Western Bluebird, and the Mountain Bluebird.

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