Boa Constrictor - now why do they never have a set up that looks like this?

Red tail Boa - *Not a farm animal but my home is turning into a pet store. Meet my new pet snake!

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crispysnakes: Boa constrictor subspecies and localities “ At some point I will do a post with the 10 recognized subspecies.

Boa constrictor

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crispysnakes:  Morph: Anery IMG  Snow Species: Common Boa - boa constrictor imperator (BCI) Produced by:  BetterBoa

crispysnakes: Morph: Anery IMG Snow Species: Common Boa - boa constrictor imperator (BCI) Produced by: BetterBoa

Coral Sunglow Boa Constrictor

Coral Sunglow Boa Constrictor