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William Wallace - Braveheart on Wacom Gallery makes sure he is not evil and unharmed and ready to be sold witched and his wife cannot be a witch and he can never be Ares. makes ure he is uninvaded and unharmed.

Do You Remember The 25 Most Iconic Phrases From 90s Movies?

Do You Remember The 25 Most Iconic Phrases From 90s Movies?

Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it. – William Wallace / Braveheart thedailyquotes.com

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"You'll Never Take Our Freedom" by Robert Bruno – Hero Complex Gallery

Mel Gibson/William Wallace. Only the best history character ever. #Braveheart

Not-so-Braveheart: Mel Gibson on why he's scared of returning to Scotland

William Wallace was a very courageous and strong man who unfortunately wanted revenge for himself and his people so bad that it ultimately lead to his death

BRAVEHEART------Mel Gipson-----One of the BEST movies ever made! Sometimes hard to watch, but the truth hurts sometimes. Still a great movie, albeit quite long.

Braveheart. Who doesn't love this quote?

William Wallace > Scottish Hero Braveheart - Hist brother John was one of my great-great grandfathers.Braveheart was a great-great.etc uncle.

Young stars of Braveheart admit the movie inspired them to achieve their dreams

Young stars of Braveheart admit the movie inspired them to achieve their dreams

AS the epic film celebrates its birthday, the talented Scots trio reveal how their lives have changed since appearing in the film.

"Is it true that the prince has taken a fancy to you?" her cousin asked. Myra laughed. "And if he has? It would merely be a passing fancy and he shall marry a noblewoman when his reign comes." "And if his reign comes and he makes it acceptable to marry a servant?" "If I shall ever marry the prince and become Queen, then I will make you a knight," she joked.

Braveheart: dancing peasants, gleaming teeth and a cameo from Fabio

Catherine McCormack (Murron MacClannough) & Mel Gibson (William Wallace) - Braveheart directed by Mel Gibson

William and Murron as children at his father's funeral. The camera perfectly captures the gentleness of this moment. The softness of their fingers as they touch, the steadiness of her eyes. So profound.

"A Gift Of A Thistle" (Braveheart). One of my favourite scenes in the movie.

Braveheart - Cuore Impavido 1995  Mel Gibson  ©Everett Collection

This is William Wallace (Mel Gibson) in Braveheart fighting and courting in a kilt.

Middle Ages: Certain styles used fitted sleeves and edge of the shoulder necklines

Medieval Movies…and their Accuracy

Princess Isabelle, Sophie Marceau in 'Braveheart' Set in century Scotland, the film's costume designer was Charles Knode.